Food Facts

Not really an oxymoron, you can have great tasting and creative dehydrated meals. The way we approach creating our meals is to first think, “Hmmm, what would I really want for dinner right now if I could have anything?” It’s that simple. Our chef creates meals to satisfy your cravings as well as your hunger. These meals will not only make you smile on a mountain top but make it easy for you to have a tasty meal anywhere, even in your own home………We won’t tell your guests. 

When we cook our Good To-Go meals we make them just like you would at home. We use fresh vegetables, toasted and ground whole spices, nothing you probably don’t have in your own refrigerator or cupboards right now. Just take a look at our ingredients and notice how many of them you can actually pronounce. We take pride in making meals you’ll be happy to eat for its deliciousness and it’s good for you too quality.  

Not only do we make food that tastes great but we want you to be energized as well. When you sit down to a Good To-Go meal you will be surprised at how satisfied you will feel once finished. Our meals are portioned so that you receive a generous amount of calories to keep your energy level high. Our meals average over 375 calories per serving.

No matter what your adventure is, we want you feeling good and strong all day. Staying active and eating well promotes good health. Our meals are made with real food. There are no preservatives. Our meals are made so you receive the nutrition you need to be as active as you want. We make every effort to keep our sodium levels low. Nearly all of our meals are cholesterol free. We use extra virgin olive oil that has more monounsaturated fatty acids than other olive oil. These types also contain more polyphenols, which may have benefits for the heart. All of our products have zero trans fats.