Each month we will post a new episode of this video series that will feature our very own Chef Jennifer Scism. The Elevated Kitchen will give viewers a fun and intimate look at Good To-Go, while offering tips on how to enhance your outdoor dining experience.

    In the first episode Jennifer, with a little help from her husband, David, explains why Good To-Go was started – out of necessity. Thai Curry is featured as a hand-made, healthy alternative to the standard freeze-dried, over-processed camping grub.

    Stay tuned for next month’s episode of The Elevated Kitchen!


    4 comments on “THE ELEVATED KITCHEN

    1. This was a nice and short video that did work on my laptop on Sunday April 24. I do think that if the lazagna was tasty as good as it looked with the right amount of water it would be a big hit for camping and boy scouts camping out. Thats even better than easer that the usual burgers or pizza that we sometimes try to eat camping out.

    2. I am so excited to see the two new flavors (or maybe they are only new to me?). Can’t wait to try the korma and pad thai.

    3. Do the three vegan dinners contain complete proteins just as they are, with out adding anything else?

      1. Hello Holly, my understanding is yes. For example the beans in the three bean chili are not, but when combined with the the corn and other vegetables, have the necessary amino acids to make up a ‘complete’ protein. This should hold true for all three Vegan meals. We do list all ingredients for each meal on our website, so I recommend taking a look to see if it meets your dietary needs. Thanks, Justin

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