• Backcountry Food Review: Good To-Go Dehydrated Meals



    Although I’m not 100 percent positive, I suspect most dehydrated meals come from a lab, not a kitchen. That’s why when I first heard the story behind Good To-Go, I was excited to give them a try. They are the product of an accomplished chef—Jennifer Scism, who you may have seen on Iron Chef and who got turned onto backpacking and the outdoors after a successful career as a restauranteur. Not happy with the backcountry meals available at the store, Scism set out creating her own with a countertop dehydrator. The result, after a lot of trial and error, is a current line of four meals—each of which I’d be more than happy to pack into elk camp this fall.



    by David Draper

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    1. I have just found out about your creations and I thank you for products. I am a Boy Scout leader and have been searching for meals that are nutritionally sound and good tasting. It has been difficult to teach good nutrition with the contents of MRE’s and other commercially prepared meals to go. I am looking forward to our next Backpacking adventure with your products in our Backpacks. We, in Troop 216 will be “GOOD TO GO”!

    2. Hi Valerie and thanks for reaching out!! It’s great to hear from Troop 216 and even better to hear that you teaching the next generation to eat healthy on their backpacking adventures!

    3. My gf turned me onto your meals. The Thai curry is our favorite but all are awesome! It’s so amazingly nourishing and warming after a long fall hike. Thank you for making such an awesome product. I’m so excited to see if you make new meal choices. Sooooo goooood!
      Keep up the Good work!

    4. Hi:
      Just bought your Classic Marinara with Penne at my local EMS. I have not tried it yet but will do so soon. I love the idea that the product was created by a REAL chef and not a lab rat. I also like the fact that it was made in new England (Maine) and not in some industrial out of area factory. That said I will post again to describe my thoughts on your product. BTW: I travel each summer out to the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming and I intend to use your meals on a 30 mile fishing/back packing trip.

      1. Hi John,

        Thank you for sharing this. Looking forward to hearing how you enjoyed the meal. If you’re ever in the Kittery, ME area, during a weekday, please stop in and check out our facility!


        1. Hey Justin:

          I usually get over to Kittery to go to the Trading Post and will stop by.

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